Plastic Artist Bieto Makes Painting on Wall of Geon 652

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Graffiti was designed to interact with the site’s landscape design. The urban intervention created by Bieto, in fact, is a gift for all who live or work in the region, making the surroundings more beautiful.

The first Platinum Axis venture, the Geon 652, which was delivered last Thursday, on 31 of October, brought a gift to the neighborhood: an art of graffiti artist Bieto, known artist who has, as characteristic, bring movement and life to the city through his art. Bieto’s paintings are easily identified by the variety of colors and are present in striking points of the city, such as the São Paulo Cultural Center, Vila Butantã and the Energy Museum.

In Tatuapé, the art of Bieto can be seen in Rua Vilela, 652 and the proposal of the landscaper Nik Sabey is that the art integrate with the landscape project of the place. The Platinum Axis is a pole of socioeconomic development, with six enterprises of mixed use, which will improve the lives of those who live in the region, allowing more people to work close to home.

“The idea was to compose an art that talks to the landscape of the place and that draws people’s attention to the present and the future of things. I’m interested in seeing how things grow in nature, how the sun interferes with the color of the plant, the leaf. And that’s where my inspiration for graffiti came from, “said Bieto.

The result is a graphite full of color, which brings movement next to the plants that are there and highlights the vivid colors of the landscaping area.

The Geon 652 is on 652 Vilela Street, 150 meters from Radial Leste, next to Metrô Carrão, and has offices and doctor’s offices of 40 square meters, with the possibility of junctions, as well as shops on the ground floor. The project was designed by the architect J.J. Abrão, and also carries the signatures of Shenia Nogueira in the decoration project, and Nik Sabey in the landscape project.

The first enterprise ready Axis Platinum has six elevators of last generation, in addition to two elevators interconnecting the garages and the ground floor, turnstiles with infrastructure for implementation of access control system and entrance hall with double right foot, delivered furnished, decorated and with air conditioning. In all there are 24 floors with 10 rooms per floor.

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