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From CASACOR to the streets: get to know the art of the graffiti artist Bieto

Original news from CASACOR

Who passed by CASACOR São  Paulo 2018 can contemplate and know the work of some talented graffiti artists, whose art was inserted in the environments. Among them, stood out the work of the artist Bieto, which brought color and movement to the source of the space Paisagens de Luz (Landscapes of Light), signed by the office Plant Ideas.

Environment Landscapes of Light, from the Plantar Ideias office, at CASACOR SP 2018 (Reproduction/CASACOR)

Bieto began to express his lines on the walls of the neighborhood of Ipiranga, still in 1998, inspired by names like Tinho, Vitchê, The Twins and Speto. Today, graduated in Advertising and Advertising from the Faculty Cásper Líbero, is dedicated to painting and graphite as ways to produce bold and questionable images, as well as lighting and sound installations.

São Paulo Energy Museum (Reproduction/CASACOR)

It is possible to find its signature in several urban landmarks of the city of São Paulo, such as CCSP, Vila Butantã, Itaú and Museu da Energia.

The most recent work of the graffiti artist in the building of Itaú (Reproduction/CASACOR)

Its graphites are easily identifiable by the combinations of vivid and fluid colors, as well as by the striking presence of the curves. Together, these two characteristics produce a psychedelic and captivating effect for the observer, who can get lost in the dynamic explosion of tonalities.

Multicultural Web (Reproduction/CASACOR)

Bieto was responsible for idealizing the first LED graffiti in Brazil, located in Vila Butantã. The intervention was made in partnership with Brilia and light engineer Fabio Stasiak. There, ribbons and LED fixtures were used to give movement to organic and vibrant shapes.

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