Interview: Roberto Bieto – Graffiti and Movement

Original news from Transamerica Expo

Movement, curves and intense colors are some of the elements present in the works of the artist Roberto Bieto. He began to become increasingly interested in graffiti at the time of high school and was discovering new perspectives on artistic expression and how it connects with spaces and people.

Bieto has already printed his reflective perception of everyday life on walls and walls from different parts of the world. Recently, the Transamerica Expo Center also won the artist’s striking colors and lines and we took the opportunity to chat with him. Check it out!

His works are marked by vivid colors and the sense of movement caused by the strong presence of curves. What do you seek to awaken in the public?

Movement is life! Everything is movement! In various spheres of life, we observe that everything is movement. That is why I love to observe the movements of things, of life, of relationships and of encounters. I want to share something that is closer to the human in all of us. Every human being recognizes thirst, cold, hunger, affection, comfort and this goes beyond race, gender… My quest is to connect with “this place in me” and look for a connection to “this place in the other”. Movement is a place and the questions of biological and physical growth about how things grow by arithmetic progressions, Fibonacci, and thoughts like that interest and delight me.

With my work, I intend to awaken joy. “Joy is the name given to the passage from a state to a state of more life power”. This is a Spinozist thought that I believe in and this is what I want to bring to the public.

You have already commented in some interviews that everyday life is one of your greatest inspirations. What is your perspective on everyday life and how is it usually represented in your work?

Everyday life would be the world of things, the world where bodies meet and where things happen. In this place, the tendency is to look at it with less force of observation, less attention, turning everyday things into ordinary things, It is precisely in this place of everyday life where I can access the human in me and in the other. In it, small and large episodes happen full-time, and it is up to me to exercise observation to delight myself all the time with everyday life and the things of life.

Taking into account your entire trajectory, what are your favorite works and why?

It’s hard to say because every job has its importance. Today, I could say that my favorite is the one I painted in my grandmother’s backyard and tomorrow I can say that it’s the one I’m going to paint in my mother’s living room. Perhaps the preference is related to the affective affection that exists in the process and in the place. All work requires a dedication, a need to connect with that work at that moment to do the best I can do. So all the work is relevant and important.

You have graffiti a new work at the Transamerica Expo Center. What is the concept behind this new work?

The concept behind this work is movement. Everything there is movement and is moving in the constant presentation of novelties and new possibilities for all. It generates constructions of expectations, plans and achievements. It was in these places that I lived to accomplish the work.

Wall painted at Transamerica Expo Center (Photo: Amanda Mancini)

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