Tribute to Marcelo Denny, by #coletivourubus

I received yesterday the news of the death of friend Marcelo Denny. In the press news, he was the theater director and professor at USP, but, for me, simply a master! With #coletivourubus I was able to experience for the first time something unknown, I exposed myself, I met amazing people and I discovered things that have followed me every day since then, in my relationships with the world, with people and especially with art.

Our tribute, always!


Our black feather robes glued to our skin today are in mourning.

A mourning that is not black or white. It is a colourful mourning, a mourning with all the colors possible in the fruitful palette of the multiverse. I fight with lace, with glitter, with clay, with paetê, with red rose, with sequin, with blood, with ruby, with gold…

Our wings gather today to appreciate sad, so sad the flight of this magnificent winged being of this majestic Phoenix. Of these beings that, of any powder, make the carnival, the opera, the performance, the show… Always embodying Beauty; Marcelo Denny.

A powerful human being, a friend as sweet as pepper, a restless and brilliant artist, a shaman of aesthetic poetics, a competent and obstinate researcher, an impeccable and provocative teacher, a loving and sensitive heart, a person of multiple kind and fertile personas.

The matron of our colors, our ornaments, our painted bodies.

Contemporary performing art and education in Brazilian arts today lose one of their biggest stars. That can be measured, in the size of its brightness, by the trail that its mark leaves scattered in so many groups, collectives, artists, academics, researchers, students, etc. etc. In these dark and sinister times we have today lost a tireless detonator, with refinement, of the nefarious structures. His Flame will inspire us, because the burning of his fire will be very much missed in this land.

Your mark has been made and your trail is engraved. In us, you leave the potency of our painted bodies, free and naked. Like a good Phoenix, she has made concrete ash the background of her brilliance and light. It is an honor to have given ourselves to her very talented hands. It’s an honor to have surrendered ourselves to your very talented hands.

Follow your flight, beloved companion the sky must be very grimy, needed you to give pomp, brightness and color. For you, we will follow winged, naked and painted, always with you, in transcendences through the streets.


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